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Excellent Writing Blogs To Follow: Great Writing Sites On The Internet

Joanna Penn is an indie author of writing books, thrillers and dark fantasies. She has been writing and publishing for over a decade. Joanna is also a professional speaker and podcaster on creative writing and the business of being an author. Her style is friendly and engaging. I adore her podcast!

Alexis Grant founded the Write Life in 2013. She worked in media for years and created a company to teach what she’d learned. The Write Life is one of the leading authorities on writing advice. Their blog content focuses on freelancers, and how to make a living doing freelance writing.

Founded by two best-selling non-fiction authors, Steve Scott, and Barrie Davenport. Authority Pub helps writers become authors. Their posts are very well written and a wealth of information. They have an excellent podcast!

Many people believe they have a book in them. But there’s no motivation. The Write Practice helps people become writers. They offer a newsletter and free write blog to help you become the best writer you can.

It couldn’t be truer to the name. Hundreds of articles united under “Helping Each Other Write Better.” This blog is one of the biggest and most popular on Medium. For a good reason! There’s advice on every aspect of the craft.

Services for authors, writers, self-publishers, and readers. They post roundups of new ebooks, interviews and news about the industry. A one-stop shop for indie authors and designers to promote their creations.

Writers Digest is an online magazine. Their archive overflows with information, from anything on creating captivating post headlines to poetry written by experts in the field. They run yearly competitions, events and a popular writing conference.

Write To Done’s philosophy is centered around a critical point. Everyone can learn to write well, it’s just a matter of practice. Articles on staying motivated, inspired and creative. Also, posts with creative writing exercises.

This helps people develop a clear writing style. Run by Maeve Maddox, a writer with a degree in English and a team of experts. There’s advice on grammar, punctuation, words that get confused with each other and more.

Carol Tice is a freelance writer and blogger, passionate about helping others earn an income. Carol’s posts are full of practical advice on how to find opportunities, jobs, and improve your skills to increase your pay.

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Writers Unboxed has been around for over ten years! It’s grown fast, with regular contributors from all over the writing sphere. They run a conference, called Writer Unboxed Un-Conference. Their community is vibrant.

Dedicated to helping writers achieve their publishing goals. They publish plenty of inspiring, motivational content. They offer reasonably-priced courses on the craft of writing, from blogging to business and copywriting.

Reedsy runs a successful blog on the craft of book publishing. They publish advice, tips & tricks and news regularly. Smart graphics, engaging writing and helpful tips are some of the highlights. An excellent resource.

Indies Unlimited is a promotion site, a place to find bargain electronic and print books, and a resource for indie authors. Run by volunteers dedicated to the indie publishing community. It’s excellent for discovering new books.

Australian Writers’ Centre create courses on every aspect of the craft. Reasonably priced and highly regarded. One of their regular columns is Writing Style Q&As. They explain the differences between similar words.

A comprehensive resource to find opportunities and competitions for writers to earn money, get exposure and their work out there. Excellent ebooks, posts, and ideas to help you earn money while writing.

People think they have to reinvent the wheel to write better. Daphne created Publication Coach to make it easier for writers. If you subscribe to her newsletter, you get a complete guide on mindmapping.

Bryan Hutchinson’s site is for writers who struggle with personal challenges and motivation. Plenty of inspiring resources to keep you motivated and tapping away. Great interviews with experts in the field too.

The Walden University’s Writing Center blog is written by experts who’ve honed their craft to perfection. Incredibly insightful and well-written content, within this website is a treasure trove of information.

A marketing, promotion and management service for authors, they provide many services, and a blog full of helpful resources. Plenty of blog posts on everything on the writing craft, plus a guide to tools for publishing.

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This is a monthly journal, where many people can contribute. The website features essays, fiction stories, poetry and reviews. Incredible poetry, stories and essays by talented contributors.

This site helps writers find markets for their work and settle fears. The community is wonderful, and the website has plenty of helpful articles, contests, submission opportunities and much more.

This creative writing blog is dedicated to helping writers succeed in the publishing industry. The blog features articles on a wide range of topics, including plot development, character building, and book marketing.

Jeff Goins is a bestselling author and runs a successful creative agency. He’s also a popular speaker and podcaster, and he runs a newsletter helping people stay creative and productive.

Jerry Jenkins is an accomplished author of nearly 200 books. Many are New York Times bestsellers. His blog draws on his vast experience as a writer, editor, and storyteller to offer advice and insights to other writers.

C.S. Lakin is a popular novelist and writing coach who’s helped hundreds of authors improve their craft. She also works as a manuscript editor. In her workshops and online courses, Lakin shares her insight and expertise on everything from plotting and characterization to dialogue and voice.

Ann Kroeker has a wealth of experience in the publishing industry as an accomplished author and speaker. She’s the host of the popular podcast, “Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach,” with a backlog of over two hundred episodes.

This started as an anonymous blog about publishing and intellectual property from the perspective of a lawyer and entrepreneur. Witty and makes what could a dry subject fascinating. A good insight into the industry.

Nathan Bransford is a former literary agent turned author and blogger who provides valuable insights and advice for writers on his eponymous blog. His friendly and approachable writing style makes his blog a must-follow for aspiring and established writers alike.

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach and author who shares her expertise on writing on her blog. Her warm and engaging style, combined with her practical tips and advice, make her blog a go-to resource.

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The Write Conversation is a blog run by award-winning author, Edie Melson, that provides a platform for writers to engage in meaningful conversations about the craft of writing, publishing, and marketing.

Write Now Coach is a blog run by Rochelle Melander, a writing coach, and author, that provides practical tips and advice for writers looking to improve their craft, overcome writer’s block, and achieve their writing goals.

The Writing Life is a blog run by Terry Whalin, an author, and editor, that provides valuable insights and advice for writers looking to get published, and market their work. It’s a great resource on the trad publishing industry.

About Editing and Writing is a blog run by Jack Limpert, a former editor and author, that provides a unique perspective on the world of publishing. Jack’s insightful posts offer valuable lessons on the changing landscape.

Kiran Manral is a bestselling author and blogger who shares her insights and experiences. With a warm and writing style, Kiran’s blog is a must-read for writers looking for inspiration and supportive advice.

Rachelle Gardner is a former literary agent turned author and blogger who provides valuable insights. She offers a “How to Write a Book Proposal” course, which provides a comprehensive guide.

Aliventures is a blog run by Ali Luke, an author and writing coach, that provides practical tips and advice for writers looking to improve their craft and achieve their writing goals. One unique thing about Ali’s blog is she offers a wide range of resources for writers.

Well-Storied is a blog run by Kristen Kieffer, a fantasy fiction writer and writing coach, that provides a wealth of resources like courses, free blog posts and downloadable guides.

Writers in the Storm is an award-winning writing blog that provides valuable tips and tricks. The site is owned by a group of talented writers passionate about helping others succeed in the writing world.

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Lauren Sapala’s website is a must-follow for writers looking for guidance. With a focus on helping writers overcome their insecurities, Lauren’s site offers a refreshing and empathetic perspective on the process.

All Freelance Writing is the go-to for freelance writers looking to improve their craft and find new opportunities. With a focus on practical advice, this site is valuable for anyone looking to make a living as a writer

Janice Hardy’s Fiction University is a supportive community of writers sharing their knowledge. This site is a must-follow for anyone serious about improving their fiction writing skills.

Kill Zone focuses on thrillers and mysteries. With an experienced team insights into the publishing industry, this site is a great place for anyone looking to make it in these genres.

This is a fantastic website for young writers looking to improve their craft and connect with other writers their age to get support and encouragement.

Fantasy Author’s Handbook has a deep understanding of the genre, and a unique perspective on writing fantasy.

Peter Rey is a writer, blogger, and writing coach who’s helped thousands of writers improve their craft. His website is a great resource for beginner writers looking to improve their skills.

How to Plan, Write and Develop a Book is a blog that offers advice for aspiring writers looking to turn their ideas into a book. It provides a step-by-step guide that’s easy to follow.

Of Kells is a blog run by poet Kelli Russell Agodon featuring writing prompts, book reviews, and interviews with other writers. It offers people a chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

Terrible Minds is a unique and irreverent writing blog that offers a refreshing and entertaining take on the writing process and the author career. Full of humor, creativity, and the occasional rant.

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Shayla Raquel is an author, editor, and writing coach who runs a blog for writers looking to improve their craft. She also has courses, webinars, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

This is a great resource for writers of all levels looking for industry insights. With a focus on humor, Anne’s blog is a must-follow for any writer looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends

Ava Jae Writes is a must-follow writing blog for YA fantasy and science fiction enthusiasts. The blog offers a unique perspective on the craft of writing, publishing, and the author’s journey to success.

A top-notch writing blog offering practical advice for writers and entrepreneurs. The blog is unique for its focus on personal development and mindfulness practices to help writers stay productive and creative.

Looking for a blog that features interviews with agents and editors? Look no further than Literary Rambles, a site dedicated to helping writers navigate the ever-changing world of publishing. With a focus on children’s and young adult literature, this site is a must-follow for any aspiring author in that age range.

Get daily doses of writing inspiration and advice from Advice to Writers, a blog that features quotes from famous authors, writing tips, and insights into the writing process.

Inkygirl offers a unique blend of writing advice for YA/KidLit authors, inspiration, and humor. With a focus on comics, this blog encourages you to inject creativity and playfulness into your writing.

Write with Fey is a blog that provides writing prompts, book reviews, and more. With a focus on fiction writing, this site is a great resource for writers who want to achieve their goals.

Darnell Cureton’s blog is a treasure trove of writing advice, inspiration, and personal anecdotes. With a focus on memoir writing, this site is a must for anyone looking to turn their life experiences into compelling stories.

Author Kristen Lamb’s blog is a fantastic resource for writers looking to improve their craft and navigate the publishing world with a focus on social media and branding.

Writer’s Inner Journey focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of writing.

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