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Excellent Poetry Blogs To Follow: The Best Poetry Writing On The Internet

The Poetry Foundation is a literary non-profit. They run the oldest English language verse magazine in the world, Poetry Magazine. This is the largest and oldest prose organization, and with it comes decades of experience.

Beginning with weekly poetry meetings in New York in the ’60s, it was hard for the founders to imagine what it’s become today. They has an extensive list of events worth looking into if you live in the US. Subscribing to their lit mag, The Recluse, is a must for poetry lovers.

They showcase the best American poetry from the here and now. Along with showcasing submissions from poetry sites, they handpick and write essays. There are all sorts of things, on various topics.

Magma Poetry is a monthly magazine based in the UK. Each issue has a particular theme. There’s handpicked and submitted poems. They showcase the best contemporary poetry, and it’s full of emotion and depth. Available in print and digital format.

Free Minds work with young inmates in the US, inspiring them to discover their creative talent and post poetry. It’s hard not to admire the people behind this. On their poetry blog, they publish works by the inmates. There’s some raw talent.

A perfect name for a blog focusing on the human powers of creation and destruction. Run by two anonymous contributors, there’s a raw, lyrical, bittersweet feel to all the works on there.

A non-profit serving the writing and poetry community, they’ve been around since 1970. They run programs, a magazine and more. They run so many great initiatives for literary people it’s hard to know where to start! They have a podcast, and several prizes. They also support poetry bloggers and offer resources for poetry writing.

Brian Brodeur is a poet and reviewer. He sits down with talented writers, to interview them, and talk all things poetry. It’s a fascinating angle! He asks thoughtful questions and provides insight on how poetry is created. His blog offers a unique domain to learn about the poetry writing process and read reviews of contemporary poetry.

Poets United is a place for poets to share their content, interact with others, and be united by a love of poetry. There is so much fantastic content on the site! The community is vibrant and full of talented people. Worth a read.

This is a poetry society and literary journal. They seek to bring the best poets in the New York area to light. The poems are emotive and dark. Many people contribute poems. They have a list of outlets looking for submissions from poets.

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The War Is Over is a series of poetry telling a story about a future world in the 2086. Enormous technological leaps have been made. Lyrical rhyming and descriptive language define his poems. Even in few words, he paints a vivid picture of the world he’s created.

Focusing on Haiku and fables, Patrick Gillespie is a carpenter, but a poet too. His poems are accompanied by block prints by his wife. His wife’s art fits well with his poetry and adds to the atmosphere. He also writes analysis of poetry and fiction.

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