How To Wrap A Book: 20+ Unique Ways

By Zachary Kai

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The worthiest of gifts! They deserve a presentation as lovely as literature. Here’s my method.

How To Wrap A Book The Easy Way

First, gather:

  • Recycled wrapping paper (thicker for hardcovers, thinner for paperbacks)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Reused ribbons for decoration

To wrap the book:

  • Lay the book on wrapping paper with extra inches on each side, and cut out the shape.
  • Center the book on the paper, fold and crease the sides over the book, covering it entirely.
  • Trim any excess.
  • Fold and crease the paper’s top and bottom edges, then the corners. Tape it down.
  • Finish it off with a ribbon: wrap it around horizontally and vertically, and tie a bow to secure it.


Creative Ideas For Further Customization

  • Use different ribbons or multiple colors at once, or braid them together.
  • Ribbon alternatives: recycled string, twine, or yarn.
  • Wrapping paper alternatives: kraft paper, wax seals, handmade paper, collages, gift boxes, paper bags, recycled fabric, newspaper, orgami folded paper, magazine pages, second hand book pages, maps, handmade book sleeves, crossword puzzles, sheet music, comic strips, and coloring pages.
  • Add: a handmade gift tag, drawn on decorations.

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