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Excellent Book Blogs To Follow: The Best Book Blogging On The Internet

Book Marketing Tools is helpful for people who want to write. They have posts on publishing and everything you need to know. This website is perfect for advice on how to become a published author. They have a podcast called The Author Hangout.

Electric Literature is a nonprofit literary organization. They help people find out about books with digital and traditional reading. Their content has fascinating essays and book reviews.

Laura is a writer, blogger, and bookworm. She started Novel Kicks in 2009 for people to connect and share their interest in literature. Laura has a blog with a book club. It’s every month, and she picks the book. Read it and talk about it on the blog.

Bookanista is a UK-based magazine. It’s made by Mark Reynolds, who is a copywriter and an editor. This is a great website with interesting articles about the written word and poetry.

Lucy loves to read. She started her site to track the books she was reading and it’s grown into a site about book festivals and style. This book blog is well written and has a clean design.

Yeldah Yousfi is a freelance writer and blogger from Toronto, Canada. Her blog covers literature, lifestyle, and travel with a particular interest in historical fiction. It’s a beautiful site. Yeldah does excellent work with her photography. She does insightful and funny reviews.

Book Riot is a website focusing on traditionally published books and literature. They have been around for years and they have many articles, including curated book lists, and various podcasts focusing on different genres.

The New York Review Of Books is a newspaper reviewing books. It’s been going for a while and is well known in publishing. NYR never avoids difficult or serious topics. They always do this with sensitivity and good knowledge.

K.M. Weiland writes about things related to writing and reading. Her blog is popular and a definitive resource on the craft. Packed with advice and interesting articles. Helping Writers Become Authors is an excellent resource.

Like children’s and young adult books? For years, The Horn Book has been the leading authority on those. They have opinion pieces written by many people. This is an excellent magazine too, in print and digital.

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C. Max Magee created the Millions with a passion for literature, arts, and culture. Years later, it still has the same quality. The writing is excellent and so are the topics they write about. I like this magazine!

Page Turner is a book review and magazine of the New Yorker. It has many reviews and opinions on literature. There is new content on their website every few days. The articles are thought-provoking.

Quill and Quire is a magazine focusing on Canadian and children’s books. It’s both in print and digital form. Their book reviews are insightful and well written. Quill and Quire have an excellent staff of writers.

The Perch Blog informs you of new releases, authors, books and series associated with the publishing house. The blog is full of new books and guest posts. They have enough recommendations to keep you busy!

When we were supposed to be sleeping, we read under the covers. This is a blog about Romance books. They have good reviews, a beautiful design and a great book club.

Anne is a writer, blogger and avid reader. She liked feminism and reading, so she combined the two on her blog. She’s been featured on many authority sites in the booksphere. Anne has great books on reading with purpose.

Story Box Library is a blog for Australian schools and classrooms. They have articles and thoughts on the written word. This blog talks about books, authors and resources for kids. They recommend books for various ages.

Ink & Fable is a lifestyle and book brand by Patience Randle. It connects people who are creative or like to read books. Patience is a good writer and book blogger. She’s warm, expressive, and witty.

Library Journal is a journal about libraries, but there’s also interesting content about books in this magazine. They have many articles and awards, and they celebrate libraries.

BookPage is a monthly book review magazine. They publish special features, author interviews and more. Independent and unbiased. BookPage has good reviews and posts about authors. Worth the subscription.

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The New York Times has a section on books, like any high-quality newspaper! It covers essays to upcoming releases. Intelligent and reviewed by an expert team of writers and editors. Expect excellent content.

NewInBooks finds you the best new books in different genres and formats. NewInBooks has interviews with authors, too. A reliable source for the best new novel releases.

The Rough Ghost. A restless spirit. At least, that’s the moniker of Joseph Schreiber, a writer, critic, editor, book blogging enthusiast, and reader. The writing in Joe’s blog is flowing and beautiful. His book reviews are great.

Tara Lazar is a children’s author and a mom. She made her blog to keep track of the book things she has found. Tara discusses her favorite children’s books and their creators.

Jane Friedman knows writing and books. She’s worked in this field for over 20 years. Jan shares much knowledge on her blog. Jane Friedman teaches courses and workshops. Worth reading for writers.

Thea and Ana love literature. They worried about carrying books home from the library, so they used bags to “smuggle” them. Their blog is excellent, mixing literature with pop culture. All-around insightful, witty stuff.

Travelling Book Junkie is a blog about books and travelling. There are stories about different places the bloggers have been to. A great site about books and travel! Tam and Paul created a wonderful blog.

Linda’s Book Bag. Not a bag of books, but as good! Linda Hill is a writer, reader and book reviewer who could talk literature all day. Linda’s blog was awarded “Best Book Review Blog” with good reason.

Kate Vane is a writer. She likes to read, write, and garden. She has written four books and many short stories in anthologies. This blogger talks about her writing journey and the things she likes to do.

LaChouett is the alias of Virginie, a reader, a photographer and writer. She’s a big supporter of diverse voices in popular genres. She reads many books and always wants to read something new.

Emma Welton runs a crime book blog. She wants to open her own bookshop, which would be damppebbles too. She reviews books and talks about all things crime fiction.

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David runs loves to read, write, and watch crime shows. A fan of crime, history, gardening and archeology. Follow if you like historical and crime fiction. You get plenty of great recommendations and reading material!

Ronnie Turner is an author who also blogs about books and loves words. She wrote a book in October 2018. Great writing, great photography, literature and nature drives this blog. It’s a unique and great combination.

Kate Atherton used to review movies. Now she reviews science fiction novels, and thrillers. Kate knows much about books. When she gives a book recommendation, it’s always excellent.

Faroukh Naseem is a Saudi Arabian book lover. Who combines his love of books, the literature world and traveling on his blog. Faroukh has a dedicated audience. Follow him to see amazing photos of books.

Resh started reading when she was very young, and the classics before she was a teenager. Today, she runs The Book Satchel. Resh reads many genres. Her recommendations introduce you to new authors.

An avid traveler, Arpita Bhattacharya has lived in several countries. But she’s happy in India, traveling through books. Her reviews are fun to read. She’s read lots and she likes reading classics.

Ellie is a writer and reader who works in publishing, as her passion lies in literature. She’s written for many publications. You’ll learn much from her writing. There are book recommendations, too.

Morgan Hoit’s blog lives up to its name! She loves all things NYC and literature, combining books and city life. Her site has a wonderful look, clean, minimalistic and great colors! Her writing is warm and friendly.

John Pistelli is a writer and teacher with a degree in English Literature. He teaches courses, reviews and discusses books. Intelligent and philosophical, John’s reviews are excellent and thought-provoking.

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Conserving and talking about legendary books/authors of old is the primary goal of Books Tell You Why. This blog is perfect for learning about all the literary prizes. They have interesting reads on the world of literature.

The editors, Linda Wilson, and Sharon Wheeler work with reviewers to bring this to life. Plenty of reviews on crime stories! All high quality. Perfect for deciding if you want to read the bestseller everyone’s talking about.

Kirkus Reviews has been reviewing books for over 85 years. They review books and offer services to the book world. They know their stuff for an excellent review! The podcast is worth checking out.

Kath is a Filipina living in Germany. She loves to talk about all things bookish. She’s active in the literature blogging community. She does book hauls and unboxings of book subscription boxes.

Zarina is a Dutch woman who’s based in London. She’s an editor, and runs her lifestyle blog, on books, theatre, and life. Her coverage of theatre is excellent. Zarina often ties books and theatre together in her posts.

Jackie Law is a writer, reviewer, proud wife and mother who tries to avoid society’s pigeonholes. She writes great articles and new reviews. There’s thoughtful posts and takes on many topics, not only books.

Jen Lucas has a degree in literature. She loves crime fiction and thrillers but isn’t afraid to branch out into other genres. She posts interesting reviews, articles, bookish and lifestyle things. There’s much well-written content.

Rachel reads anything she can get her hands on! She also provides resources and promotional services for authors. The blog covers modern genres, bestsellers, and indie books from up and coming authors.

Paul Cheney is a non fiction books review columnist for a magazine. His predominant interest is non-fiction. It’s an interesting take few bloggers do. Like non-fiction? This is worth following!

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Karen has been reading since she was a child. She works full-time, but a long commute means plenty of time! The site has a minimalistic design to focus on her well-written reviews. Worth reading if you enjoy mystery!

Anne O’Neill writes for the Irish Times and on her blog about literature, life, and philosophy. She’s a thoughtful and intelligent woman, writing interesting blog posts. There’s excellent non-fiction recommendations.

Louise Dickens is immersed in books and writing. She wishes she shared ancestry with Dickens himself, but it’s yet to be confirmed. Her site has a beautiful design, and her Bookstagram is great!

A potter, knitter, and a reader, Fi Cooper lives in a beautiful town with her family. She enjoys her hobbies as much as she can. She prefers crime, mystery, spooky, historical, and non-fiction stories. A great looking website!

David Hebblethwaite is a writer and book reviewer. His reviews have been published in many places including his website. He hosts blog tours and author Q&As alongside book recommendations and reviews. Worth a read!

Nicola used to review books on Amazon, but she wanted to keep them organized. Little did she know what her blog would become! There’s so much interesting content on there it’s hard to know where to start!

Jane works in publishing and reviews books on the side. She’s passionate about literature and spotlighting books she loves. She writes professional reviews with thought put into them.

Foreword Reviews has been running since 1998. The company has done nothing but trailblaze in the literature industry. With a focus on indie and diverse books, they bring light to underrated but fantastic stories.


NPR is a literary non-profit. They specialize in podcasts on many topics, and strive to tell relevant stories. They’re one of the best book review blogs for literary fiction. Their podcasts are diverse and exciting.

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Shelf Awareness is a free e-newsletter published weekly. It focuses on the book industry and happens in and around it. Their newsletters are packed with interesting content. Something to look forward to in your inbox!

A lover of many genres, she covers everything from thrillers to urban fantasy books. Richelle aka Shelly, as she’s more well-known, says she’s a lifelong reader. Shelly loves books with diverse characters.

Romance. Whether you love or hate it, it’s popular. Jennifer breaks down the stereotypes and show the best sides of romance novels. Jennifer is an excellent writer and has many thoughtful reviews and essays.

Books and Beyond Reviews has much bookish content. They review many books and stories. A weekly post series called Friday Face-Off. They choose a book, and find the cover variations, and rank them.

Malissa Coy is a book reviewer with a range of tastes. An avid reader of children’s books, from middle grade to new adult. Malissa is a huge fangirl and enjoys many mediums. Her style is eclectic, witty, warm, and funny.

This focuses on Irish literature, arts, and culture. They publish news, essays, book industry insights, and reviews. A wash of intelligent, insightful content. They don’t shy away from serious topics and handle them with respect.

Kelly and Kimberly, the founders, work in the industry. Kelly works at Book Riot, and Kimberly is a youth librarian. The site is professional and has a great design! They focus on YA books. They’re excellent writers and reviewers.

What a great name! This site is run by Jamie, who mixes lifestyle, motherhood, and beauty in with her main passion, reading. Jamie’s writing is touching and thoughtful. Her site’s beautiful design fits well with her ethos.

Jill and Jim are a husband and wife team who share a fascination for politics, history, and literature. Their writing is excellent, they’re knowledgeable people! They review non-fiction, fiction and children’s books.

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