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Authors Like Rick Riordan: My 10 Recommended Books

By Zachary Kai

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The Amulet Of Samarkand Book Cover

Description: In Nathaniel’s early days as a magician’s apprentice, he is subjected to a brutal public humiliation by the cunning wizard Simon Lovelace. Enraged and determined to get even, he achieves mastery over one of the most formidable spells known to wizards – the summoning of the formidable djinni, Bartimaeus. However, Nathaniel soon realizes that controlling the djinni is a herculean task. When he sends Bartimaeus on a mission to steal the prized Amulet of Samarkand, Nathaniel is thrust into a treacherous world of magical espionage.

Why Read It? Discover a witty and imaginative tale of magic and mayhem, which is a great companion to the Percy Jackson series.


Artemis Fowl Book Cover

Description: Beneath the surface, an underworld thrives – a realm inhabited by fairies, armed and advanced. Artemis Fowl, a young, brilliant criminal mastermind, uncovers this hidden society and sets his sights on kidnapping one – Holly Short. Holding her hostage, he intends to use her to revive his family’s dwindling fortune. Yet, he may have miscalculated the fairies’ strength and is now at risk of sparking a conflict between species. Will his actions lead to a catastrophic war?

Why Read It? Enter a world of high-tech gadgets, wry humor, and cunning schemes where a young criminal mastermind hatches a plot.

INKHEART By Cornelia Funke

Inkheart Book Cover

Description: When Meggie’s father reads a book called INKHEART aloud one fateful night, a malevolent ruler is unleashed from the pages in their living room. Meggie is thrust into an extraordinary adventure. With newfound abilities to wield the magic that summoned this nightmare, Meggie must now take control of her destiny and steer the course of her life in a different direction. For it is only through her actions that she can hope to rewrite the story.

Why Read It? Get lost in a magical adventure where books come to life.


The Wrath Of The Dawn Book Cover

Description: Eighteen-year-old Khalid, the Caliph of Khorasan, marries a new bride every night only to order her execution at daybreak. Shahrzad volunteers as Khalid’s bride, and has a cunning plan to seek retribution for the murder of her best friend. She manages to survive until dawn, but Shahrzad finds herself falling in love with the very boy who killed her dearest friend. The boy-king is not the cold-hearted monster he appears to be. Driven by her thirst for justice, she embarks on a quest to unravel the truth behind the killings.

Why Read It? It’s a breathtaking retelling of the classic Arabian Nights tale.


The Bone Witch Book Cover

Description: When Tea accidentally resurrects her brother Fox from the dead, she discovers she possesses a gift for necromancy. As a bone witch, she is shunned aby her community. However, an older bone witch takes Tea and Fox under her wing. The bone witch leads them to a new land where Tea begins her rigorous training to become an asha, a practitioner of elemental magic. With ominous forces gathering, she must summon all her courage to confront the danger.

Why Read It? Immerse yourself in a lush and fascinating world of dark magic.

tHE ALCHEMYST By Michael Scott

The Alchemyst Book Cover

Description: According to records, the tomb of Nicholas Flamel. Some speculate he created the elixir of life, which has allowed him to live on. He dedicated himself to protecting the Book of Abraham the Mage that holds the secrets to eternal life. Unfortunately, Dr. John Dee will stop at nothing to obtain it. Only Sophie and Josh Newman can save the day, as they possess a powerful gift. However, they must quickly learn to harness their power if they are to stand any chance of preventing Dee from unleashing his diabolical plan.

Why Read It? Embark on a thrilling journey filled with ancient mysteries and magical secrets as two teenagers race to save the world from destruction.

AKATA WITCH By Nnedi Okorafor

Akata Witch Book Cover

Description: Sunny Nwazue is a contradiction. Born in New York City but living in Nigeria, she possesses West African features, yet is albino. Despite being a talented athlete, she can’t play soccer in the sun. Sunny feels like an outsider, until she discovers she has untapped magical potential. Sunny joins a group of fellow students to train in the art of magic. However, when the magical authorities enlist them to track down a criminal with powerful abilities, Sunny and her friends must face an adversary whose magical prowess surpasses their own.

Why Read It? Discover a magical coming-of-age story, where a girl discovers her extraordinary powers and fights against evil forces.


An Ember In The Ashes Book Cover

Description: Defiance against the Martial Empire is met with certain death. Those who do not pledge their loyalty to the Emperor face dire consequences. Laia resides with her grandparents and older brother in the impoverished backstreets of the Empire. When her brother is arrested for treason, she agrees to spy for rebels who promise to rescue her brother, even if it means risking her life from within the Empire’s most prestigious military academy. Laia encounters Elias, the school’s most outstanding soldier who yearns for freedom from the tyranny he’s being trained to uphold. Their choices will determine the fate of the Empire.

Why Read It? It’s a sweeping, gritty tale of rebellion and forbidden love.

THE NOVICE By Taran Matharu

The Novice Book Cover

Description: Fletcher, a blacksmith’s apprentice, possesses a rare talent – the ability to summon demons from a different world. Falsely accused of a crime, he is forced to flee his village and journey with his demon, Ignatius, to an academy for adept summoners, where they train the gifted in the art of demon-summoning. At the academy, Fletcher undergoes grueling lessons in preparation for his role in the Empire’s war against the savage Orcs. Fletcher faces a challenging decision – who to pledge allegiance to. His decision will determine the fate of the Empire.

Why Read It? Experience a captivating tale filled with magic, action, and adventure.


Children Of Blood And Bone Book Cover

Description: Zélie Adebola reminisces about a time when the soil of Orïsha was alive with magic. But that was before the ruthless king orchestrated the massacre of the maji, leaving Zélie without a mother and her people devoid of hope. Determined to restore magic and take down the monarchy, Zélie has one chance to make things right. With the help of a rebellious princess, she must outsmart and outrun the crown prince, who is set on permanently extinguishing magic. However, Zélie’s greatest obstacle may be herself as she struggles to control her powers.

Why Read It? Join a girl and her companions on a quest to fight against injustice.

SHADOWSHAPER By Daniel José Older

Shadowshaper Book Cover

Description: Sierra Santiago had planned for a laid-back summer, but a corpse crashing the first party of the season, her grandfather’s stroke, and the weeping murals hint at something more sinister than Brooklyn’s usual chaos. With fellow artist Robbie, Sierra is introduced to shadowshaping, a thrilling magic imbuing ancestral spirits into paintings, music, and stories. But someone is targeting and killing the shadowshapers one by one, convinced Sierra is hiding their most significant secret. Sierra must unravel her family’s past and take down the killer.

Why Read It? It’s a vibrant and exhilarating urban fantasy adventure that explores identity, culture, and the power of ancestral spirits.

SERAPHINA By Rachel Hartman

Seraphina Book Cover

Description: Seraphina is half-dragon, born to a dragon mother who took human form and a father who harbors no love for her kind. In a world where humans and dragons coexist, tensions run high, and Seraphina goes to great lengths to hide her true identity. When a member of the royal family is murdered, Seraphina is enmeshed in the investigation with Prince Lucian. Together, they unravel a nefarious scheme to disrupt the fragile peace of the kingdom. Seraphina’s efforts to protect her secret may prove fatal should it be uncovered.

Why Read It? Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted world where dragons and humans collide, and a secret that threatens to tear them apart.


The Cruel Prince Book Cover

Description: At seven, Jude’s parents were killed, and she and her sisters were taken to the treacherous High Court of Faerie. Jude desires nothing more than to belong there, but many fey hold a disdain for humans, including the wicked Prince Cardan. To earn a place at the Court, Jude must challenge Prince Cardan, immersing herself in palace intrigues and unearthing her capacity for brutality. As civil war looms and threatens to engulf the Courts of Faerie in violence, Jude must risk everything to safeguard not only her sisters but also the realm of Faerie.

Why Read It? Delve into a dark and enchanting faerie realm filled with political intrigue, betrayal, and a fierce heroine who defies all odds.

sIX OF CROWS By Leigh Bardugo

Six Of Crows Book Cover

Description: Kaz Brekker, a criminal mastermind, knows Ketterdam as a bustling center of commerce where anything can be acquired for a price. When offered the opportunity to undertake a perilous heist that could grant him boundless wealth, Kaz recognizes he can’t execute it single-handedly. Enter six outcasts, each with a unique skillset. These six dangerous individuals comprise Kaz’s crew, the sole impediment between the world and imminent destruction. If they don’t eliminate one another first, they may succeed in their impossible heist.

Why Read It? Enter a dangerous and thrilling world of heists and magic, where six outcasts band together for the ultimate score.


A Wizard Of Earthsea Book Cover

Description: Ged was the preeminent wizard in Earthsea, but he was once known as the impulsive Sparrowhawk. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, he meddled with closely guarded secrets, unleashing a dreadful darkness upon the world. This is the story of his tumultuous journey, how he conquered the formidable words of power, subdued an ancient dragon, and went to the realm of the dead.

Why Read It? Embark on a spellbinding adventure that explores the depths of humanity and the power of language.

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