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Authors Like Brandon Sanderson: Our Recommended Books

By Zachary Kai

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SABRIEL By Garth Nix

Sabriel Book Cover

Description: Sabriel, an eighteen-year-old who was sent to safety across the Wall as a young girl, receives a desperate message from her father, the Abhorsen–a magical protector tasked with binding and returning to Death those who refuse to stay dead. Determined to save her father from a sinister entity that has trapped him in Death, Sabriel must fulfill her destiny.

About The Author: An Australian writer of young adult fantasy fiction, his numerous series have won awards and topped bestseller lists worldwide.

Why Read It? A stunning dark fantasy debut in a lively world. He’s one of the best authors similar to Brandon.


Assassins Apprentice Book Cover

Description: Fitz, a young boy, is a royal outcast, the bastard son of a prince raised by his father’s stableman. King Shrewd secretly trains him in the art of assassination, knowing that Fitz possesses the magical Skill. As raiders terrorize the kingdom, Fitz comes of age and faces his first dangerous mission. Some view him as a threat to the throne, but he may be the key to the kingdom’s survival.

About The Author: This is the pen name of the writer Margaret Ogden, who writes various genres in her many book series.

Why Read It? The trilogy of novels George R.R Martin called “Fantasy as it ought to be written,” with satisfying drama, adventure, and intrigue.


Grace Of Kings Book Cover

Description: Kuni Garu, a wily bandit, and Mata Zyndu, the son of a deposed duke, join forces in an uprising against the emperor. They battle conscripted armies, airships, and shapeshifting gods, but after the emperor is overthrown, their differing beliefs about truth and justice drive a wedge between them.

About The Author: Ken is a science fiction and fantasy writer. The Dandelion Dynasty, is an epic fantasy steampunk infused with Asian influences.

Why Read It? A mashup of steampunk and fantasy with engaging prose.


Eye Of The World Book Cover

Description: The Wheel of Time turns and ages pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and myth is forgotten when the Age returns. What was, what will be, and what is will rise and fall under the Shadow.

About The Author: A famous author of epic fantasy and the Wheel of Time series. After Robert Jordan died, Brandon Sanderson wrote the rest of the books in the series.

Why Read It? A spellbinding, sprawling fantasy world with a detailed magic system, a worthy successor to Tolkien.

A GAME OF THRONES By George R R Martin

Game Of Thrones Book Cover

Description: In a land where seasons are out of balance, cold is returning and enemies are emerging. The Starks of Winterfell, a harsh royal family, must deal with the appointment of Lord Eddard Stark as the king’s new Hand, which threatens to tear apart their family and the kingdom.

About The Author: This author needs no introduction, the writer of the famous series A Game Of Thrones that inspired the award-winning tv series.

Why Read It? One of the many more bloody, but brilliant adult fantasy books.


Lord Of The Rings Book Cover

Description: Sauron forged the One Ring with his own power of ancient magic to rule all others in Middle Earth. It eventually ended up in the possession of Bilbo Baggins. From his fortress in Mordor, Sauron searched for the One Ring to gain complete control. When Bilbo turned 111, he gave the Ring to his cousin Frodo and tasked him with destroying it.

About The Author: The grandfather of modern fantasy fiction. Brandon Sanderson was inspired the Lord Of The Rings trilogy like many authors who like JRR Tolkien.

Why Read It? It’s the book that started the modern high fantasy genre.


Black Prism Book Cover

Description: Guile, the powerful and charming Prism, is fighting to maintain peace in his kingdom. But when he learns he has a son from a previous relationship, he must decide how far he will go to protect a secret that could destroy his world.

About The Author: Another praised author of an epic fantasy series, each of the books in his Lightbringer series was on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Why Read It? An intriguing world, story, and magic system, this first book is full of action and adventure.

SINS OF EMPIRE By Brian McClellan

Sins Of Empire Book Cover

Description: In the turbulent nation of Fatrasta, Lady Chancellor and her secret police struggle to maintain order in the capital city of Landfall against unrest and powerful empires. Michel Bravis, Mad Ben Styke, and Lady Vlora Flint must use their cunning and strength to quell the looming rebellion. As loyalties shift and an ancient evil is unearthed, the people of Landfall realize the true danger they face.

About The Author: A writer of epic fantasy, known for his trilogies, The Powder Mage and Gods of Blood and Powder.

Why Read It? Perfect for any fan of Mistborn or similar series.

THE COLOR OF MAGIC By Terry Pratchett

Color Of Magic Book Cover

Description: Rincewind, a bumbling wizard, is thrown into chaos when he encounters Discworld’s first tourist, Twoflower, who has brought his mischievous Luggage along for the ride. The unlikely pair embark on a journey that could result in Twoflower’s demise and the end of Discworld as they know it.

About The Author: Terry Pratchett‘s charm, writing style, and satirical, fantastical worldbuilding have made his Discworld series treasured.

Why Read It? An entertaining and thoughtful take on fantasy.


Lies Of Locke Lamora Book Cover

Description: In the treacherous city of Camorr, orphaned thief Locke Lamora has survived a harsh life through cunning and skill. Trained by a master con artist, Locke leads the notorious Gentleman Bastards in their thieving endeavors. But a ruthless enemy threatens to overthrow their way of life, forcing Locke to risk everything in a deadly game of deception.

About The Author: Scott Lynch is a writer specializing in adventurous sci fi and fantasy and is married to fellow science fiction/fantasy writer, Elizabeth Bear.

Why Read It? Full of intrigue, danger, and rip-roaring fun.


Emperors Blades Book Cover

Description: The emperor is dead and his children must stay alive and uncover the killers. Kaden, the heir, trains in a remote monastery; Valyn endures brutal training as a soldier; and Adare, a minister, seeks justice for her father’s death.

About The Author: He specializes in sprawling fantasy fiction and short stories.

Why Read It? A rich world of magic systems, political intrigue, ancient spirits, and enough action to keep you turning the pages.


Deadly Education Book Cover

Description: Orion Lake may have saved my life twice, but that doesn’t mean I need his help surviving the Scholomance. I don’t want to join his pack of fans, and I’m probably the most dangerous thing in this cursed school. The other students want me to turn into the evil witch they expect me to be, but I won’t give in. I’m going to make it out alive, without slaughtering anyone.

About The Author: A writer of speculative fiction, she’s won the Nebula award.

Why Read It? A gripping, dangerous take on the classic magic school story.

THE CROWN TOWER By Michael J. Sullivan

Crown Tower Book Cover

Description: Hadrian Blackwater, a disillusioned warrior, teams up with Royce Melborn, a desperate thief, to undertake a risky mission for an aging wizard. Their target: the impenetrable Crown Tower, a former grand fortress that holds the kingdom’s most valuable treasures. Can the two men set aside their differences and work together to succeed, or will their animosity prove to be their downfall?

About The Author: A bestselling fantasy and science fiction writer, his books have been translated into over 14 languages.

Why Read It? Excellent character dynamics, flashy swordfights, and daring heists in this highly engaging fantasy work.


Over Sea Under Stone Book Cover

Description: While on vacation in Cornwall, the Drew siblings unearth a mysterious map in the attic of their rented house. They quickly realize the map holds the key to finding a powerful grail, capable of defeating the evil Dark. As they embark on a dangerous quest to find it, the Drews risk their lives.

About The Author: A writer of children’s fantasy, she creates stories inspired by magic, Arthurian and British legends, and Welsh folk heroes.

Why Read It? Full of intrigue and adventure, this children’s book is magical.

CAST IN SHADOW By Michelle Sagara

Cast In Shadow Book Cover

Description: After escaping the dangerous streets of Nightshade, Kaylin has worked hard to become a respected member of the Hawks, a group that protects the city of Elantra. However, when children with the same markings as Kaylin’s own skin start turning up dead, she’s sent back to Nightshade with a mission is to find the killer, but Kaylin must navigate treacherous alliances to survive.

About The Author: A Japanese-Canadian writer who’s written fantasy novels for decades, her fantastical books have many nominations for prestigious awards.

Why Read It? An engaging protagonist, dark, stunning, and mysterious world.

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